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We  provide support in building VR, mobile, and console games. The platform works on different levels: it assists independent teams in reaching the publisher.

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1. Market  Analysis
If you don’t know what your game should look like - marketing analysis is the option.
2. Game Design
The first stage of game development. The project is being established, including coer loop, monetization schemes, etc
3. Coding
From idea - to implementation: from end, back end.
4. Testing
When a certain feature is ready, the quality assurance team makes sure there are no mistakes there.
5. Advertisement
It’s not only about making the game - it’s about advertising it.
6. Project Maintenance
We provide a support 24/7 from start to finish
Our Partners
Our Projects
We work with enterprises and individuals to build games.
Pleasure Interactive Stories
Pleasure  interactive casual story is a multi-choise mobile game targeting mainly women 26-45 years of age. The game consists of multiple interactive stories with two key monetization strategies: paid story choises, and outfit purchases.  All art pieces align with the plot, supported with videos for advertisement purposes. Pleasure Interactive Stories   is being designed by WhaleAlpp company with cooperation with Gamication platform.
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